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A Look at Good Shepherd Penn Partners’ and Penn Medicine’s

A Look at Good Shepherd Penn Partners’ and Penn Medicine’s

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Shortly after I was born, my parents noticed I had severe muscle weakness, and I was eventually diagnosed with Central Core Disease, a rare (but thankfully non-progressive) muscle disease that weakens and quickly fatigues just about every muscle in the body, minus the heart. My lungs and legs were particularly impacted—I was never able to stand or walk, and to this day, I use a ventilator at night when I sleep.

But I never let that hamper the life I wanted to live. That started at age 2, driving myself around in my first power wheelchair, and yes, crashing into a few (read: many) walls. Since then, I have had five other wheelchairs, including my most recent version.

My old wheelchair had been more than a sense of comfort. For a Sunitix 25 mg (Sunitinib) decade, it was my set of "legs,” an extension of my body that had been with me since I graduated college. It moved me across the stage as I attempted improv comedy for the first time, took me to shake hands on my first job interviews, and maneuvered me around packed parties as I tried to strike up conversations with women with sweet smiles. It had literally moved me to, and around, a new city: Philadelphia. I didn't mind the wear and tear that came because of that journey: the patina of cracks in the faux-leather seat and the tiny holes lovingly punctured by my pandemic-cat's claws while she jumped up onto me to ask for cuddles.


Romanticizing, and moving on from, a piece of medical equipment
Sure, I was attached to the chair for comfort reasons, but primarily because of the hassle that comes from having to "get" anything you need when you're a person like me who has a physical disability. Other than investing time...lots of time... speaking with doctors, medical and equipment companies, insurance companies, and some other people who perform jobs you didn't even know existed, it takes patience.

In the past, I have received the equipment, repairs, and supplies I need later than I generally expect. It often reminded me of a construction project, where a contractor breezily promises repairs by the spring, and as the calendar turns to fall, it’s still an active job site.

In other words, I had a history of practiced patience. However, after friends and family pestered me with comments like, "when are you going to get a new wheelchair," I decided to finally start the process of ordering a new chair. Since I work at Penn Medicine as a press officer, I like to think I believe in the mission: that Penn and Penn Medicine are superior organizations, put patients first, are comprised of people who truly care about their craft and the people they serve. Every day, I hear and help tell stories that prove Penn’s exceptional care. As always, I was proven right by my personal experience at Good Shepherd Penn Partners (GSPP).
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