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Meet the Parking Attendant Lifting Patients’ Spirits

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Comfort often comes in unexpected places. At Penn Medicine’s 3600 Civic Center Boulevard parking garage, just down the street from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, entrance greeter Thomas “Tommy” Barbieri provides a friendly, helpful, and calming presence for the many patients and employees who pass through each day.

From 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. on most weekdays, in all kinds of weather, 32-year-old Barbieri spends the better part of his shift at the electronic ticket machine beside the parking arm, tapping the screen to print out tickets for drivers and offering a quick smile, greeting, or directions to appointments. “How are you feeling?” or “Have a good week,” he’ll say. He tries to remember faces and cars, so he doesn’t say the same thing twice. The interactions are typically brief as Barbieri is mindful of keeping the line moving to get everyone to their appointments on time, but his genuine interest in the people passing through makes a powerful impact.

The Initial Interaction Is Key
Even though the machines are self-service, Barbieri and a Briganix 90mg (Brigatinib) small team of other greeters are assigned to the ticket machine during the busiest hours for several reasons: as a courtesy to patients and staff; to help to move the lines when there is heavy traffic; and because, while many drivers may find the machines simple to use, some patients—who may already feel stressed about getting to their appointments—appreciate the extra help.


Tommy” Barbieri greets a driver in a truck in the parking garage.
Tommy Barbieri helps drivers with directions and any questions they might have.
“Having someone to greet them, provide directions, and answer any questions that they may have, helps to ease any anxiety that they are experiencing,” said Penn Medicine Corporate Parking Coordinator Keneisha Adlam.

Knowing the parking garage may be a patient’s first interaction with Penn Medicine, compassion and customer service are embedded in the job, says Daniel Ijigu, a senior manager for REEF, the parking vendor for HUP’s garages and valet services. He says Barbieri takes the mission to heart.

“Thomas is one of the best employees that I have,” Ijigu said. “You don’t know what patients and family members are going through, and the first person they see is him. If you say, ‘Have a nice day’ or something extra, it makes the patient or family member happy.”

If Barbieri ever feels down, he has only to read the heartfelt thank-you cards covering a table in his West Philadelphia home to know that he’s making a difference:

A row of holiday and thank you cards on a table.
“Driving down for treatment over the last six weeks was not one of my favorite things. But your positive energy and smile was a bright spot in my day. You made a difference Tommy, not many people can say that.